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Jan 5, 2010

How to download a file (ex

CAUTION At the moment the site moved to a new domain and is available at Everything described in the article is in force, but with the new address. 

This article will focus on how to download the file via Russia's largest bittorrent tracker Perhaps the most popular such service in runet. While there are, of course, and a number of similar resources. And many of their founders have positioned themselves as the fact that they come from However, the most popular and he has questions like: "How to download the file from torrent ru" - are related in time for him. Indeed, there can be found as new items (movies, books, music), and rare things that do not find anywhere else.

By default, in this article, I accept what you have already studied the article: "How to shake files using bittorrent-tracker". You have already installed the program BitComet and μTorrent (utorrent). And you know about how the system works peer data exchange network and the program itself μTorrent. If you want, then download the overview of a specified article, for clarity.

In fact, the whole physics of the process to know and do not need. Be aware that you will not only download files from a multitude of other people's computers (you - "peer"). You yourself have to pay a distribution already downloaded (you - "seeder"), at least in a proportion determined tracker. The proportion of this form your rating and the possibility of further download the files, if it is low.

But, let's start from the beginning. In order to even have access to the torrent files, you need to register for service. Perhaps this is the link "Register", which is located in the upper left menu forum, which publishes distribute torrents. There you can read the "Rules", then click on "I agree with these terms.

On the next page you will need to fill in the required fields (marked with an asterisk), the standard registration form: "Name", "Address email», «Password", "Confirm password", a confirmation code from the image. Optional fields are: "Where" and "Local Time". Checkbox under the form of familiarization with the user agreement already standing, so click the button "Send (I agree with the terms and conditions). If all goes well, then your mailbox will receive a letter with your login information (username and password), and a link to activate your account. The link in the letter should click the left mouse button - this will open the forum page in the browser. There you can find the results of registration and immediately start looking for ways to purchase or distribute files. A link can also copy, paste in the address bar of your browser and press «Enter» key on your keyboard.

Small note. At the time of this writing, the registration was free. A previously identified first two, but from a recent time one period of time when they could register for the service. Personally, I registered in the interval from 8 to 10 hours to Moscow.

Now you can find the topic on the forum with the distribution of file you're looking. And the bottom of the description of distribution to see the plaque on the right which will be a link "Download. Torrent». After clicking on the link, a window will appear "File Download" in the browser (I have Opera, and what you want). Of course, you can download and uploads manager of the browser, but if the torrent program you have installed correctly, you should not do this.

Select the form of "use my default" and press "Open". Should you choose to start torrent program and see the window add a new torrent. In this window you can reach some configuration download, and most interesting choice of components that you want to download. Of course, if the dealer is set up correctly torrent file and what is heard, consists of several files. The most frequently so you can download selected songs from the whole album when all you do not need.

This technology helps speed up downloading it right parts and reduce the traffic flow. If you agree to download everything, then just click "OK" and start downloading immediately. By default, files are downloaded in the folder «C: \ Documents and Settings \ Admin \ My Documents \ Downloads». If you need to download to another location, then add a torrent in the window, you can change the destination folder to any other. There is such a possibility.

The condition of work a rating not lower than 0.3. That is, at 1 GB downloaded should be saddled with 300MB issued. Rating begins to act after downloading 5 GB of information (this is approximately 3 movie in good quality). If you have a broadband connection, then you are lucky, and you can vote to hold easily, especially when shaking your popular distribution. But when you do not have the best connection and need a record of traffic, it is best to start with small files.

One of the nuances of downloading using torrent technology is that for unpopular files may be little dealer (oxides). It's entirely possible that the file, even at high speed your connection will swing slowly, and at worst, not entirely. This is due to the fact that you simply will not have sources, which will download the missing parts of a file, or inclusion in the network will have to wait a long time (not in minutes or even hours).

Also, a dealer can be a slow connection. Or a small number of the dealer will be many who wish to download. Accordingly, its narrow channel of distribution will be divided into many people. For example, if he set a speed limit distribution of 100 kbit / sec, then 50 people will receive a file with a rate of 2 kbit / sec per user. If the dealer will be hundreds of such parameters, you should ideally be able to get a file at a speed of 200 kbit / sec. You can, if you should not limit the program to download speeds and your connection is allows.

Such a situation I had when I download books on philately. Is torrent ru, a section of literature and catalogs for collectors. Some of the books rocked for a long time, due to lack of dealer. But occasionally people connected to the Internet, and the distribution took place. So, as the administration itself says: "Be men, do not go with the distribution" for unpopular files. Sometimes, and someone shakes.

Under the "withdraw from the distribution" refers to: Remove torrent file, deleting downloaded from torrents in the program, stop downloading / distribution, transport (with excision) downloaded from the uploads directory, turn off the program, exit from the Internet. Although, sometimes it is necessary, as the user. For example, in the case of services, from which you do not plan to download files.

In one section of the forum has an excellent selection of answers to all possible questions related to the torrent of technology and specifically with the use of their tracker (link). I highly recommend reading. There is a good HELP for beginners.

His current rating for the tracker, you can see on the page "Rating / Downloads, when you are under the authorization on the site. There you can see it, what files you rocked and what sections they were.

Overview of "How to download from the site using torrent program":



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